Starting Photography


Bluejay0 Edited(2)

I’ve always liked taking pictures, but I was definitely not good at it when I was younger. I took pictures of boring things that no one really needed to see like my pets, and my toys – granted, I still take pictures of my cats because I find them to be really fascinating creatures, but I like to think that my photography skills have improved since 2012.

Exhibit A:



Oh and we certainly can’t forget this special number…IMG_5827.jpg

If you take a look at exhibit B over here, you may notice that my subject matter choices have improved as well.

Exhibit B:

DSC06292.JPG  DSC05404

IMG_4927  IMG_5208.jpg

As of this past summer, I’ve been more interested in photography than I’ve ever been, so I decided to make a Facebook photography page. (Self promo)
Neta’s Photography Page

I’m just getting started, and I definitely have a lot to learn about editing, and cameras, but I can’t wait! I already have a great teacher (YOUTUBE) and all I need is a lot of practice.



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